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Product after-sales service

Product after-sales service

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Dear Customer,

you have just acquired a LowcostMobile product whatever the channel, or you have purchased a product on our website, on a marketplace such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, eBay and more, you have the possibility to request the intervention of our after-sales service so that we can diagnose the problem you are having with your product. To do this, simply add this item to your basket, add specific information for proper handling in the field provided during the validation of the basket: product order number, operator used, exact product reference, Preferred Relay point carrier for the prepaid label and any useful information.

1st step :

We recommend that you read the entire printed or PDF user manual in your language. If you do not have it, please send us a request by email or in your message, you have the option of contacting the manufacturer of the product to send you the manual.

For telephony products, it is important to check the following steps: 

- Disabling the pin code of the SIM card in a phone

- Verification of the activation of your SIM card with the operator

- Verification of the occurrence of a failure of the issuer on which you usually depend, by contacting your mobile operator, or by testing your SIM card in a telephone.

- Access the product interface to check if the pin code is deactivated, and if the APN access point is correctly configured for your operator. If not, please create a new APN corresponding to your carrier.

- Consult the label on the router which displays the WiFi passwords, interface, WiFi network name (SSID), interface address and any useful information.

2nd step:

If despite these checks, the product still does not work correctly, we suggest that you return the product to us using the prepaid label that will be sent to you after validation of your After Sales Service order. We will carry out a diagnosis, proceed with its possible configuration, exchange or repair.

You must include in the same package:

- the photocopy of the invoice or the order number to be indicated on plain paper
- a statement of the malfunction with as much information as possible allowing us to better process your request
- the name and address of a or Relay point for returning the goods, or your name and home address, preferably a mobile phone number.
- the product, its possible mains charger and these accessories. You can add the SIM card for telephony products.

We recommend that you use proper packaging to return the item, typically the original product packaging + a properly sized shipping carton, to avoid unsupported damage during return shipment. Please affix the prepaid shipping label on a flat surface on the carton, barcodes must not be damaged, cut. Once the parcel is ready, you can consult the Relay Points map of the corresponding carrier on the following pages and proceed to deposit it: (for Chronopost labels) (for MondialRelay labels)

The Relay point does not provide paper proof of deposit, please ensure that the merchant has carried out the handling in front of you, and possibly consult the tracking of the package on the carrier's website. The digital signature at the depot is required except for PLC Relay points.

When we receive your package, three cases are possible:

1) After diagnosis, the product is defective and this falls within the scope of our guarantees. We will exchange or repair it, you have nothing to pay.

2) After diagnosis, the product is not defective and needs configuration. We contact you to finalize the configuration if necessary. We will invoice you for a 1st or 2nd level flat-rate assistance service of €19 to €39 including VAT. This service includes the diagnosis, the cost of returning the equipment.

3) After diagnosis, the product is defective but the damage does not fall within the framework of our guarantees: broken connectors, broken component, shocks, oxidation, crack, deformation, type of prohibited use, alteration of the software. We proceed to send a repair estimate as far as possible. If the product cannot be repaired, you will receive an estimate to exchange it for a new one, you have the option of recovering the old damaged product or asking us to destroy it.

4) You have requested 2nd or 3rd level specialized technical assistance, in order to be able to configure your services: VoIP, VPN, network configuration, etc. The price will be €39 to €79.90 including tax and we will contact you to facilitate the process. This service includes specialized assistance and customization of the product settings according to your needs, as well as the potential outward and return shipment of the goods if the product cannot be configured remotely.

5) You can ask us for a spare part quote, if you are able to repair the product yourself. Please choose the correct service from the drop-down menu.

If you do not pay the costs relating to the flat-rate assistance service, or the repair estimate within 60 days of dispatch, the product will be considered as definitively lost, it will no longer be possible to claim it. . You have the possibility of making a complaint if you are not satisfied with the decision, we will study it and we will keep you informed of our final decision.

You have the option of asking us for a prepaid label from another Point Relais carrier at your convenience, or using your own postage. In the latter case, you have three different ways to do it:

1) at the following address:

5003 rue d'HIRSON
Telephone number: 06 24 21 08 28


use the Point Relais MondialRelay network with as a relay point:

5003 rue d'Hirson

to the attention of DI2M and mentioning the mobile number 06 24 21 08 28

or use the Pickup network and the postage system with a relay point:


to the attention of DI2M and mentioning the mobile number 06 24 21 08 28.

We remain at your disposal for any further information and rest assured that our after-sales service will do what is necessary to satisfy you in the best conditions.

LowcostMobile after-sales service

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