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As part of our contractual relationships with international carriers, LowcostMobile carries out a Relay Point activity with UPS, RelaisColis, MondialRelay and its subsidiaries,, and

We offer delivery to a Relay point in many destinations thanks to the carriers and their partners above, but also with Chronopost, ChronoShop2Shop, Pickup, DPD, Colissimo, their global partners, you can choose delivery to a Relay point when of your purchases on our website from the "shipping" page. The choice of the desired Relay point is made once payment has been validated.

You have the possibility to drop off your own packages at our warehouse in SAINT MICHEL (02830) in France in addition to collecting those from your senders, you can contact the customer service of each partner carrier to find out more or consult their site web.

The Point Relais reception is open from Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays at the following times:

- Monday: 9 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.

- Tuesday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.

- Saturday: 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Collection of orders placed on LowcostMobile is possible at the same time.

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MondialRelay France has signed a contract with LOWCOSTMOBILE in order to carry out a relay point activity in France. has established partnerships with international carriers in France so that they carry out delivery activity at a relay point and in the event of the recipient's absence at the main address mentioned on the packages. For this purpose, the carriers GLS, TNT, FedEx, ColisPrivé can drop off packages at our Relay Point located in Saint Michel (02830) in FRANCE.

Sending from Point Relais to Point Relais in Europe is possible with MondialRelay in France and Corsica, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal. Coverage will be extended in the coming months to Germany, Italy and Austria, although for the moment only home delivery is possible in these countries.

LOWCOSTMOBILE has signed a partnership with the Consignment Locker branch MondialRelay. You can drop off and collect your parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the parcel locker located at 5003 rue d'HIRSON in SAINT MICHEL (02830) in FRANCE along departmental road 31. If your parcel does not fit in the dimensions of the lockers, please go to the reception of the Point Relais who will take care of it.

Here is the photo of the location of the Locker machine.

Locker LowcostMobile


UPS has signed a contract with LOWCOSTMOBILE in order to carry out a Relay point activity, these are called UPS ACCESS POINT. The UPS ACCESS POINT network is deployed in many countries in the European Union and outside the EU, you can send and receive goods at our relay point, packages may be destined for another ACCESS POINT relay point or an address of company or individual. You can send from our relay point to the address of your choice throughout the world, receive from our relay point from any recipient in the world with attractive delivery times. You can return products through our Relay using the labels provided by the merchants.

RelaisColis has signed a contract with LOWCOSTMOBILE in order to carry out a Relay point activity, these are called Relais Colis. The Relais Colis network is deployed in mainland France and Corsica. It allows parcels to be sent from relay point to relay point. RelaisColis has signed a partnership with DHL in order to provide a Relais point service, return of parcels, and in case of impossibility of delivering the address of a recipient. You can return products using labels provided by marketplaces such as Amazon, Cdiscount, La Redoute and many others.

We are in discussions with other Relay Point networks to expand the number of carriers eligible for our Relay point.

GPS coordinates: 49.914401,4.117776

Address: 5003 rue d'HIRSON, 02830 SAINT MICHEL, FRANCE

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