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RED by SFR launches an unlimited 120GB 5G plan at an unbeatable price

The operator SFR has been offering for several days via its RED brand, a new unlimited 5G package at an unbeatable price. He wants to win back the many customers he has lost in recent months, for the happiness of consumers.

5G accessible at low cost

As the Paris 2024 Olympic Games approach, access to 5G is becoming even more popular with the operator SFR. The low cost brand RED usually offers four mobile plans without commitment, we will focus in this article on the exclusive 120GB offer offered at only €8.99/month.

For this price, the package includes in Metropolitan France, unlimited calls 7 days a week to all mobiles and landlines in Metropolitan France and the French Overseas Territories (excluding Mayotte). To this, you add unlimited SMS and MMS 24 hours a day to all operators in Metropolitan France. You have 120GB of DATA envelope accessible in 5G, 4G and 3G. Beyond 120GB, you can add a 50GB top-up for €10 within the limit of one top-up, then internet use will be blocked. All Internet uses are included, it goes without saying that modem mode is tolerated.

Calls are limited to 200 different recipients per month and a maximum of 3 hours per call, cut off beyond that. SMS, MMS are limited to 200 recipients per month.

Abroad from the European Union and the Overseas Territories, you benefit all year round from unlimited calls, SMS/MMS to the European Union and the Overseas Territories as well as 24GB/month of internet, beyond billing at 0.0018€/MB. Beyond the EU, billing is established according to the conditions of SFR Voyage.

The VoLTE (Voice over 4G), VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) options are free at no additional cost. You will need to check the compatibility of your smartphone, and activate the 4G calls and WiFi calls setting from the settings menu of your device.

5G SFR is deployed throughout France, mainly on the 2100Mhz and 3500Mhz frequencies. Thanks to 5G technology deployed in areas that already have 4G, you benefit from greater fluidity of your Internet connection and you are less subject to the saturation effects encountered with 4G in areas with high population density.

This plan is compatible with all 5G routers sold on LowcostMobile.

The operator SFR does not specify the end of marketing date, so take advantage before it's too late!

Article published on 06/15/2024 at 12:47 p.m. (GMT+1)

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